Nice work! I never know what to make with these things... We got one at work a while back and I was all "let's make something!" "like what?" "...hmmmmm...yeah, good question". Best thing so far was a friend helped me print up some replacement gears for my car's cd player. » 4/17/14 3:25pm Thursday 3:25pm

I'd say ideally the screen should fold away when I'm not using it...I don't personally like the look of a dash that's built around a screen that I'm only going to use occasionally. I would much rather have it look less permanent or like an afterthought when I need navigation and be invisible the rest of the time. » 4/17/14 3:19pm Thursday 3:19pm

Mr. Corstorphine, thanks for hanging around with us and answering questions. As you might guess from my username and avatar, I'm a big fan of the work you folks are doing on and off track. One thing I've been thinking about...Where do you go from the P1? I've heard talk of plans for lower price brackets, but is there… » 4/17/14 1:02pm Thursday 1:02pm

Bentley has always been a paragon of British class and luxury, but in recent years it also seems to have become a staple among the particularly classless of the noveau riche (eg obnoxious pop singers, rappers, hip-hoppists (?), etc...and probably Justin Bieber, wherever he fits in). Is this a concern regarding brand… » 4/16/14 1:14pm Wednesday 1:14pm

Woah now, pump the brakes... You don't need to berate the author for every perceived lack of insight. Perhaps I should reply to you with "BUGATTI IS OWNED BY VAG, TOO!! DO YOUR RESEARCH, YOU UNINFORMED CLOD!" - that just wouldn't be very nice, now would it? » 4/15/14 5:31pm Tuesday 5:31pm